The Ratchelor

Play as The Ratchelor, a smoking hot rat. Slowly narrow
down your love prospects until you find your soulmate.

The Ratchelor: Which rat are you?

Inspired by teen magazines, take this quick flow chart quiz
to figure out which Ratchelor rat you are!


Graduation e-card for the rat lover grad in your life.
Use the customizer button in the corner to add their
name and yours.


Design a sweater for this tiny rat!


Rat makeover experience; make your true rat self,
make a new buddy, make a rando rat, up to you!


Auto-generated Valentines!
Let that special someone know they are a special someone

Algorat is a rat-centric computational arts collective. We are Char Stiles, Connie Ye, Tatyana Mustakos, and Caroline Hermans.

Find us on Twitter and Insta or buy us a coffee!

We were founded at the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry in Pittsburgh, PA.